About Us

Ah yes, Squang; The very sound of the word is music to my ears. "What is Squang?," non-locals ask from time to time. That question's easy. "Why, we're Squang!" is our usual reply, followed by a request to please get out of the shot because the Squang member at the top of the stairs is about to land a nollie inward heel all over your face in 3 seconds. But sometimes fools ask, "What does Squang mean?" Well, that question's a little harder to answer. It's fasholy Bay Slang, but it's a little more than that. Squang is...life. Squang is skating with your friends. Squang is something to mutter under your breath when a kook says something weird. Squang is something to exclaim when you see your homey land something sick. Sometimes it's a verb. "Dude you was really squanglin' last night," I've heard the homies say.  Sometimes it's an adverb: "Damn bruh really squangled his way through that one," I've also heard. Sometimes it's a proper noun: "Don't fuck with Squang." Actually, it's always a proper noun. Maybe. A common rumor that often reaches my ears is that Squang means "squad + gang," and it's probably true, but that's neither here nor there. To be honest, Squang means whatever the fuck you want it to mean. 

Squang Skateboards is a "heinously lit"(The fan's words, not mine) company of skaters from the Bay. The East Bay, to be specific. Berkeley if we're gonna get irritating. We sell super dank hard rock Canadian maple skateboards, and steezle apparel that will make you cool. And if you've read this far, my dear Squanglords and Squangles, then thank you very much for supporting us, buying our products, and watching the wedits. We love you. Real Bay Shit. Squangland.